I provide a sensitive and meticulous structural and line editing service. I will ensure your work is error-free, consistent and suitable for its intended audience and purpose, while retaining the voice and character of the piece. You will receive a detailed critique, highlighted comments and a clean copy you can work with. I will answer questions and work with you until you have a perfected copy you are happy with.

To obtain a quote, please contact me at:



ABN 26 889 457 670


I have relied on Fernanda for structural and copy editing of a range of material including magazine articles, artist’s statements and funding applications. I can attest to her reliability, promptness and meticulous attention to detail, in providing editorial changes that improve readability without altering the substance, mood or effect of the work. I will continue to use her services and hope that she builds up a community of happy and successful clients.

Koulla Roussos, Barrister, Independent Curator and author of A Kalymnian Easter in Darwin



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